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If you have been noticing red, itchy patches on your skin that have a “scaly” appearance, you might have eczema. Whether you have chronic eczema (otherwise known as atopic dermatitis) or seasonal winter eczema, we know that cracked skin can be uncomfortable. Eczema is a skin rash that can flare up on all parts of the body. Mild to severe eczema can appear on the hands, lower legs, feet and face. Our dermatologists are eczema specialists who will help find you or your child an effective treatment that will help reduce itching, dryness and irritated skin. Our skin care doctors also offer other  medical dermatology services including acne and mole treatment.  

Dermatology Clinic for Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) Rash Treatment

After determining how mild or severe your eczema may be,  our providers will walk you through a personalized treatment plan that will include the following steps:  
  • Treatment Stage: This first stage will consist of getting the inflammation down enough to get the eczema under control. One of our skin doctors will typically determine an effective prescription steroid cream for your eczema and instruct you on how to use it.  
  • Maintenance:  Eczema skin care requires creating daily habits to keep the skin hydrated. The maintenance stage usually involves discussing a plan with our skin specialists on how to avoid triggers that may exacerbate the eczema. You may also discuss extra steps you can take to keep the skin hydrated.  
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We also provide eczema treatment for kids!

Eczema in kids is often treated differently than for adults - Our personalized treatment plans will help your child safely and effectively manage their eczema.  We will discuss first how to repair your child’s skin barrier using moisturizer or steroid creams, then introduce you to various ways to keep the itching down (frequent scratching could lead to further skin irritation or infection), the skin hydrated, and clear of dry patches. 

From a Client

Great experience. The whole staff was friendly and accommodating. A+.
-Trent D.  

Keep Your Skin Healthy at Providence Dermatology

Don’t wait any longer to get your eczema under control.  Our friendly dermatologists will help find you or your child an effective eczema treatment plan. Visit our Logan Utah dermatology office or call us today at (435) 554-1182 to set an appointment. 
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