Mole Treatment

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Atypical and Benign Mole Screening and Treatment near Logan Utah 

Our dermatologists and office team at Providence Dermatology is committed to preventative care and early detection of skin cancer. Atypical moles (otherwise known as dysplastic nevus) have the potential of turning into melanoma if not caught and removed early.  We offer atypical mole screening excision dermatology services to catch any problems before they have a chance to start. Our friendly staff here at our dermatology clinic are eager to help you have a comfortable and positive experience. Whether you are needing a mole checked out, a skin tag treatment or other medical, surgical or cosmetic dermatology services (link to cosmetic dermatology page), we are here to help! We serve all of Cache Valley, but if you are not in the Logan, Utah area we also do procedures in Brigham City once a week. Call us today at (435) 554-1182 to set an appointment! 

Common Signs of An Atypical Mole

When it comes to developing melanoma, most atypical and normal moles on skin don’t pose a risk to you. However, sometimes clients come in asking about a “weird mole” that is large, uneven in color and/or jagged around the edges. Suspicious moles that raise some red flags and that could require a skin and mole check up include the following characteristics:  
  • Your mole seems uneven in color or has recently changed color 
  • You have noticed a jagged-edged or irregular-shaped mole 
  • You have A LOT of moles 
  • Your moles have been appearing in areas usually exposed to the sun 
  • You have large moles (bigger than a pencil eraser) 
  • You may have said recently, “My mole is growing!” 
One or multiple of these signs are reason enough to get a mole screening.  After the screening, if necessary, getting a mole removed will be a quick and efficient process with our dermatologists.  Dr. James and Dr. Maughan are experienced in mole removal and treatment. After thoroughly screening for potential mildly or severely atypical nevus and hearing your concerns and thoughts, our dermatologists will choose the best mole removal procedure for you.  

From a Client

I had my annual dermatology check-up with Dr. Travis James. I found him to be very organized, knowledgeable and efficient.
-Craig D.  

Keep Your Skin Healthy at Providence Dermatology

Let us help you get the preventative care you need to protect against melanoma. We are experts in benign and atypical mole screenings, treatments and removal. Call us at (435) 554-1182 to set an appointment today!
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